We promise to be honest with you.

It's simple and may even sound mundane. But in an industry overrun with false labels, magic pills, and fine print, we're here to deliver it to you straight.


We promise to give honest guidance.

Honesty is the foundation of our recommendations. Our algorithm takes into account details about your personal health goals and lifestyle as well as clinical research - think thousands of studies - about the efficacy of different supplements. We recommend the products that will be most effective in supporting your unique health needs.

We promise to be transparent.

You deserve to know what’s in the vitamins and supplements you’re taking. Transparency means being honest about our sourcing practices and supply chain. Because we have nothing to hide, we tell you where everything is from. Every single time. And we promise that what’s printed on our labels is what is in our product.

How we evaluate products

Scientific research is nuanced and dynamic. We recognize this by classifying each product based upon a review of existing research. Our evaluation criteria include the number of studies, consistency of results, magnitude of results, and methodology characteristics.


Limited Research
While impacts have been studied, relevant scientific evidence is limited
Emerging Research
Most research is relatively recent, but promising
Good Research
A small number of high-quality studies show positive results.
Strong Research
High quality studies performed with positive results.
Very Strong Research
Near scientific consensus based upon high quality studies
Traditionally Used
These products have been trusted across cultures for centuries.

Backed by Science

Our in-house naturopathic doctors, formulation experts, and nutritionists are behind everything we do. We pride ourselves on putting the science first. Our team is focused on research, product development, and personalized recommendation.