Look your best.

The world's most powerful at-home formula is now available.

While this formula has been used in dermatologist offices for the last 50 years to heal injuries and regenerate cells. In a world first, Magdacine has engineered this product to create the industry’s most powerful beauty vitamin to transform your skin right at home.

100xMore powerful inside your body than outside.

FDA cleared vitamins to help with all skin types on everyone. Proven to transform your skin. Zero damage. No downtime. Painless.



Skin Elasticity 

Skin Texture

Skin Tone

When your skin glows, hair bounces and nails are strong, you have the confidence of knowing you look your absolute best.

Can I Get Stronger Skin, Hair and Nails Naturally?

Your hair, skin and nails thrive on being fed with the nutrients they need for healthy growth. Not all of these can be gained from a healthy diet and with proven ingredients can make a massive difference. We identified a patented beauty ingredient that feeds not just your hair and nails but also your skin. Multiple studies show it can deliver 80% stronger nails, 20% increase in hair structure and growth, 80% smoother skin and a 12% increase in wrinkle reduction.

Will Our Proven Formula Help You?

Our patented beauty ingredient is the most effective around, derived from sources that match human amino profiles. This means it's easier for the body to absorb. Over time, collagen, peptides, HA, Niacinamide, and Zinc deliver the triple whammy of restoring hair to its former luster, strengthening nails, and smoothing out skin, leaving you looking and feeling your best.

Gain the Beauty Advantage

It's not myth, it's fact: The it girl vitamins can help your skin, hair, and nails. Proven in independent peer-reviewed scientific papers. Magdacine's proven beauty benefits will give you the advantage you're looking for.

How Magdacine Can Help You

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