About the founder

Our Journey To Invent The Future of Wellness

How I went from a near death experience to discovering the world's most powerful supplement.
Magda, Founder

After the birth of my daughter in 2016, I fell dangerously ill. I spent six weeks in hospital battling septicaemia, riddled with toxins and with no real hope for recovery. I was so scared, not only for myself, but for my family and my future. I saw several leading physicians, each of them prescribing a convoluted cocktail of different drugs. All made me feel worse. I began taking a multitude of supplements, but I was still suffering and far short of my best self. I wasn't functioning, as a mother or as a human.

Then a chance meeting with Dr Paul Clayton, a world authority on preventative degenerative disease, changed everything. He showed me that almost all the supplements sold today deliver no proven benefits yet are still perfectly legal for sale. This seemed morally and ethically miles away from what I had been led to believe.

Instead, Paul prescribed me a new protocol using peer-reviewed, patented ingredients. These were each dosed at active levels, had a rigorous sourcing procedure, and were formulated in a way that the body could actually absorb them. Within weeks, I felt myself again. Within months I felt better than ever: I was on the path to my future self.

That's when I realized that such an approach could empower people - all people - back to health, beauty and beyond.


"If you apply technology and science to the genius of nature, you can create products that actually work."


"We set out to change people's lives, and in doing so, reshaped the entire wellness industry.”