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Soul Deep Dress

Soul Deep Dress

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We do not pin or clamp garments to make them fit, and we do not edit bodies, products, faces or humami in photos, ever. What you see is exactly what you will receive.💭🍥☁️ 

All photos on are copyrighted by Magdacine LLC + taken by our professional photographers of the actual garment.

  • Full corset inside with bustier holder 
  • Shell 100% Wool, Lining 100% Silk, 100% Polyamide
  • Made ethically in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Made to order details below


For a perfect custom fit simply put your measurements in the checkout box:

cup size:
waist size:
jean size: (in numbers)
This process takes 1-2 weeks, including shipment time.
Need help? 💌 ☁️

When you purchase from Magdacine, you are buying earth-friendly fashion that is good for the planet and the people.🌈🦄

Ethically made🧚 Made in Los Angeles, California. Women owned and worked brand. All workers are paid fair and correctly.

Washable + wearable 🌸 Made to last a lifetime. Every product comes with lifetime insurance. 

Easy 30 day return woh return label 🌻 Free Shipping in USA
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